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Welcome to The Open Door. We are a family of believers who welcome a truly diverse range of visitors. We are people from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds, as well as those with no previous religious or church experience, united together through Jesus Christ. Whatever your story, The Open Door invites you to join us.

Our foundation is the truth of God’s Word experienced through knowing Christ, growing in truth, and serving others. As a Christian evangelical church associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, we labor with God to build solid lives and families.



Stop Trying to Serve People

The only way to love and serve people is to stop trying.  It sounds like a controversial thought, and it is, but it's true.

I frequently observe that many believers are wrapped up in working hard on “living the Christian life.” They basically state, “It’s hard to be a Christian.” Following a list of do and don’ts, they frantically run through it to check themselves. Others search constantly for the next spiritual fix, book, or fad.